goldFor Individual Jewelry Clients

There are several reasons people are not getting the highest return for their gold jewelry.  Don’t make the same mistakes others have made, we want to empower you so you can get maximum returns for your gold jewelry.

The first mistake people make is not knowing what  jewelry they actually have in their possession.  Is your jewelry 10k? 14? Gold filled? Not precious at all?

We solve this problem by lending you a self-evaluation kit which includes an eye loop so you can see the hallmarks on your jewelry.  Also included is a magnet which may help you quickly sort out jewelry that is not gold.

Another difficulty people have is not knowing what their jewelry weighs.

We solve this problem by including a scale in the self-evaluation kit so that you can weigh your jewelry for yourself.

The last unknown people have is knowing what their jewelry is worth.

Included in your free self-evaluation kit is a detailed description on how to evaluate the value of your gold jewelry.

After evaluating your scrap you can call for a free estimate from  us, you will be able to see why knowledge is power when it comes to selling your gold jewelry.  It’s so simple, just fill out this form for your free self-evaluation kit, asses your jewelry, and call or email for an estimate. If you like our estimate then you can mail your jewelry and the self-evaluation kit to us free of charge.  Upon receiving your jewelry we will check for the authenticity of the gold and usually mail you a check the day after receiving your gold.  Contact us today by calling Bill Heap at (919)601-5933 or send him an email