Q:  Do you take amalgam?
A:  Yes, not only do we take non contact amalgam but, we also will purchase it from clients.

Q:  Is there a minimum to mail?
A:  There is no minimum to mail to us however, we do suggest that you mail at least 30 grams of material (or approximately 15 pfm crowns).  If you are unsure whether or not to mail your scrap in then request a free self-evaluation kit to see what pay out you can expect from us.

Q:  How long will the process take?
A:  We strive to have the fastest turnaround in the business, we can typically mail you a check or pay you via Paypal the day after we receive your scrap!

Q: Do you take partials?
A:  We usually do not take partials except in the rare case a gold crown is attached.  The metal contained in partials in usually made of chromium cobalt and has no value.

Q: Can the material be wet?
A:  Please make sure to drain any liquids before mailing to us.

Q: Are there any fees?
A:  We do not charge any minimum or any other type of fees, we have zero hidden charges.

Q:  It is ok to send you crowns with teeth attached?
A:  Yes, sending us crowns with teeth attached to no problem for us.