About Us

Dutchman Precious Metals is a family run business focused on personalized service in the dental scrap industry.  The core of our business has always been  service, speed, transparency, and pay out.

Each of our customers can expect to be treated like a valued client and friend and not just another number in a database.  For your convenience we offer both a personalized pick up service and an easy to use mail in system.  You can even request a free self-evaluation kit!  Our kit includes ADA approved containers, a digital scale, and instructions so that you can estimate the value of your dental scrap before sending it to anyone.  With your kit you will be able to call us with the weight of your dental scrap for an estimate over the phone which, will also allow us to insure it for the proper amount.

Our excellent customer service also includes the fastest turnaround time in the industry.  Upon receiving your dental scrap you can expect to have a check mailed to you the very next day.  Want your payment faster than that? Not a problem, if you have a Paypal account all we need is your mobile number or email and we can pay you instantly via Paypal.

We believe knowledge is power which is why we give you all the information we can.  Knowing the value of your dental scrap is your greatest advantage in maximizing your returns.  Transparency is a key aspect of our business, when you educate your clients and pay better than the competition then why wouldn’t you be transparent?  Try the Dutchman experience today, you’ll be glad you did.